97 – Malta

August 1930

Dear Lucy,

We’re having a lovely time in Malta, visiting lots of interesting historical sites, one of which being the Hypogeum of Hal Saflieni in Paola, a prehistoric 3 tiered complex of subterranean burial chambers carved out by Stone Age man circa 2500 B.C.

Packed with a large picnic lunch, the crew and I spent a morning exploring the lesser-known Hypogeum Pontiki (or mouse) Labyrinth thought to be carved out around the same time and located just off the Oracle Room of the main human site.

I may be miles from home and months from Halloween but I’ve not missed out on any spookery this year. Charged with the sharing of fascinating facts from my trusty travel guide I happened to share (just around lunchtime) an interesting snippet about the unusual acoustic magnification generated within the prehistoric structures.  Just as Snowy settled to enjoy his cheese and pickle sandwich, the devil got the better of Lottie and she nipped down a side chamber for a bit of scientific testing. 

Moments later a chilling (albeit slightly south of London accented) voice reverberated around the chamber -“Gis a bite of ya sarnie mate, I’ve not eat’n in five fousand years” – and Snowy turned whiter than usual and slightly spherical as his hairs on, well just about everywhere, stood on end.  Had it been October 31st and not mid August I may have mistakenly thought he’d come to the party dressed as a mashmallow!

Hypogeum Pontiki Labyrinth

All good fun, although possibly not the most respectful of antics, we all decided to smooth Snowy down and take our lunch on the beach, thus limiting any risk of getting unceremoniously thrown out by the tour guides.

Hope you have a fun Halloween!

Love M.M.

Morris would like to wish all his readers a very Happy Halloween and hopes you get more treats than tricks!

Morris would love to hear from you, just drop him a line here or under his Instagram, Facebook or Twitter shares.

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