83 – The Tooth Fairy

Dear Lucy,

Apologies for not having written in a while, what with the winter floodings causing havoc around the village I’ve not found a great deal of time with which to keep up my correspondence.

After numerous council meetings, following a persistent series of strongly worded but polite letters and crayon drawings from the Cub Scout Mouselings, it was decided in late February that a new bridge be built over the great dip.  Construction thereafter requiring all paws on deck at every available opportunity to achieve completion for a grand opening in late April, and having earned a sizeable sum as an acting tooth fairy back in January, I was able to swap up coming mail train duties in favour of helping with the bridge.

With regard to tooth fairy employ, well paid as it was, I think I’ll decline any further offers of employment should they arise .  The work wasn’t particularly taxing and one has to admit that whizzing aloft on a pair of wings provided something of a new and liberating experience. However, unlike real fairies, mice do not posses the ability to magic themselves through walls and closed windows and the sourcing of alternative points of entry was where problems began to arise.

After a filthy episode with a smutty chimney and a near death experience squeezing through a particularly small airbrick hole I chanced upon a number of houses with small swing-door portals conveniently housed within a larger back door.  Rarely locked these entrances seemed an ideal point of entry up until the point where I realised an uncanny correlation between their placement and the existence of a cat within said household.

Flying skills not at their best when being chased by an eagle eared flea hotel, it is here that I must make apologies to the following and perhaps give you some indication as to why I will be declining any further employment in the field of tooth fairy. To Mr and Mrs Smythe of 22 Marlborough Gardens for a rather nasty rip in a quite lovely Victorian lace drape and the parting of an ornate curtain rail from the dining room wall, to Mrs Johnson of 10 Willowby Crescent for the oriental vase once situated on the mantle (I do hope it wasn’t too valuable) and to Mr and Mrs Cartwright of 15 Engleton Close for the minor flood in their bathroom.  In my defence it wasn’t me that back footed the toilet roll down the pan whilst wildly swinging and howling from the cistern chain … that would be your demented cat Pickles!

Hope this letter finds you well.

Love, M.M.

When Morris first shared his tooth fairy news back in January he wished everyone a Happy and Healthy New Year.   One could never imagine that the world would find itself in such an awful situation or that our health and happiness would be uppermost in our global consciousness by the time he reported back. Morris hopes, now more than ever, that his story brings you cheer and comfort during our darkest hour.  Look after yourselves and tell those you love that they are forever in your hearts.

Morris would love to hear from you, just drop him a line here or under his Instagram, Facebook or Twitter shares.

© All images and story content copyright of lynncf


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